There are now 30 days until we are supposed to leave the EU on October 31st.

But nobody in government seems to know HOW we are going to leave, just that we will.

But we have heard all of this before from a Conservative Prime Minister.

We have been waiting for over 3 years to LEAVE. We have been lied to, blackmailed and betrayed more times than we care to remember.

This now a matter of building trust and upholding democracy.

We had a debate, a referendum was held and a clear result was produced. The country voted to LEAVE and that result has to be delivered.

Politicians promised they would deliver it, instead we are still shackled to the corpse of a politically and morally bankrupt political project.

3 years ago, we thought it was just the EU that was thwarting our ambitions and holding us back, but the Great Brexit Betrayal has shown us that the real enemy is within.

It’s the British political class from both Houses of Parliament, the CBI, the Civil Service and now the judiciary.

We need to deliver Brexit and then have a General Election so that we can vote for men and women who believe in this great country.