10 ways Boris Johnson’s new treaty is NOT Brexit. Thanks to Facts4EU.org for this clear and concise summary.

Does Boris Johnson’s new “deal” deliver Brexit?

  1. This deal means that the UK Parliament will NOT be supreme.
  2. This deal demands payment of a sum to be decided by the EU (this could be higher than the original £39 billion!).
  3. This deal does NOT include a trade deal with the EU (this is just a divorce treaty, not an actual deal).
  4. This deal prevents us from having an independent tax policy.
  5. This deal restricts us from having an independent foreign policy.
  6. This deal does NOT allow us to manage our own fishing waters.
  7. This deal replaces the unelected, powerful EU Commission with another similar body.
  8. This deal leaves the UK with €500bn liabilities from the European Investment Bank, but with no profits.
  9. This deal paves the path for EU colonisation. We will have no say in EU laws that will still govern us.

This is NOT taking back control. This is not Brexit!